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The only guarantee from your birth plan
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Breast milk is the most natural option.
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Nine months to baby.

Welcome to Urban Hatch where we focus on what’s best for mother, baby and her family,
not what’s best according to the rulebooks.

Pregnancy, birth and caring for baby are unique to everyone, and should be treated as such. Here we take a non-judgmental, practical approach to helping you bring your baby into the world. Every birth is different, which is why Sofie doesn’t believe in “planning” for birth as much as “preparing” for birth.

With her extensive experience, and open-mindedness, Sofie brings a fresh, modern and holistic approach to guide and support you and your family from pregnancy to age 12 months to allow the most calm and fulfilling experience possible.

Meet Sofie

Delivering almost 1,000 babies, from London to Hong Kong, Sofie has earned her reputation as “the non-judgmental living guidebook”

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Our approach

Sofie is objective and open-minded, valuing individual and unique needs, to provide balanced support that best benefits her clients.

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What we do

Urban Hatch prepares mothers-to-be and their partners for pregnancy, birth, baby and beyond in group or individual sessions.

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Urban Hatch provides experienced support throughout pregnancy, birth and the first 12 months with baby.

Find out more about how Urban Hatch can help you throughout your
pregnancy, birth, baby and beyond.



“When my little boy was born, Sofie’s knowledge, which she delivers in such a calm and non-judgmental way, was like a lighthouse in a storm.”


“Sofie has that elusive mix of energy and calm. She has an amazing ability to read people, tailoring her advice to indivudual needs.”


“Sofie is the non-judgmental living guidebook everyone should have access to!”



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