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About Sofie and Urban Hatch

Sofie Jacobs graduated in Midwifery in Belgium in 1998, before moving to London to gain some tough but well-rounded experience, and in 2012 settling into her current home, Hong Kong. Between working in the NHS and private healthcare, Sofie has nearly 20 years of experience helping parents-to-be from all over the world, of varying ages and backgrounds. Her work has included hospital labour wards, high-risk units, antenatal clinics and birthing centres, as well as home births, breastfeeding and postnatal home visits. Her familiarity in a broad range of situations translates to her providing an intuitive type of support for anyone in her care.   

A practical thinker and emotionally perceptive ‘people person’, Sofie is the ideal midwife. She has had the privilege of working with thousands of mothers, fathers and families, providing anxious, question-filled mothers with individual attention to support and educate them when hospital staff don’t have time or expertise.  She has earned the reputation as ‘the non-judgmental living guidebook everyone should have access to”.

Sofie has completed the Exercise in Pregnancy, and Optimal Nutrition for Pre and Post Natal Recovery & Healing Courses, created by leading women’s wellness and fitness expert Jenny Burrell, later co-lecturing with Burrell. She is also a qualified Pilates Teacher and a strong believer in the value of exercising during pregnancy.

The Urban Hatch approach

Urban Hatch is a midwifery service based on Head Midwife, Sofie Jacobs’ philosophy to support, prepare, and teach, adapting to the unique needs and lifestyle choices of any family.    

By choosing Urban Hatch, you will be supported by Sofie, who is tirelessly passionate about helping you during pregnancy, birth, and until the first 12 months of life. In any situation, you will be provided with a range of options, weighing up the the pros and cons according to your personality type and individual lifestyle, to find the best way forward for baby, mother and partner.  

Our experience and support ranges from first time parents to single mothers, IVF babies, same sex parents, higher risk pregnancies and adoption as well as lifestyle challenges including stressful work environments, partners who travel, anxiety and practically everything in between!

We can’t promise to give you the exact experience you want, but we can make you feel prepared for the one you get.

Urban Hatch where we focus on what’s best for mother, baby and her family,
not what’s best according to the “Rulebooks”.

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