Urban Hatch is the destination for existing and new parents to obtain antenatal and post pregnancy support, guidance and care. Our mission is to help parents thrive throughout their pregnancy journey from bump to birth and beyond. LEARN MORE

Having a baby is a special time of life and we believe pregnancy support should be too. That’s why our founder, internationally experienced midwife Sofie Jacobs, launched Urban Hatch.

Here you can prepare for what’s ahead with our comprehensive online antenatal courses, qualified midwife consultationsevents, social interactions and an open-mindedness not often present in other antenatal classes. Our HATCH antenatal packages provide information, pregnancy support and assistance to help both mums and dads approach birth and life with a new baby(ies) with confidence.
HATCH fits in around you and your baby.

Hatch antenatal packages are the new modern way to prepare for birth, baby and beyond. At Urban Hatch we don’t do rulebooks. We do real life.

Compare Hatch antenatal packages to a traditional antenatal course and see why Hatch is right for you.

Hatch is childbirth education at its best.

Hatch antenatal packages vs traditional classes

In person meet ups
24/7 antenatal course unlimited access for 12 months
Pregnancy consultations with qualified midwife
Pregnancy support ongoing
Access to events for expecting and new parents
Social communities online & offline for like-minded parents
Specific education and events for partners
Bite-sized, easily referenced videos
Learning at your own pace in privacy and comfort of your own home
No missed classes or rushing to rigid attendance times
Downloadable cheat sheets and pdf’s
From $197 USD $400 USD
  • When my little boy was born, Sofie’s knowledge, which she delivers in such a calm and non-judgmental way, was like a lighthouse in a storm.

    Sarah S
  • Sofie has that elusive mix of energy and calm. She has an amazing ability to read people, tailoring her advice to individual needs.

    Georgette P
  • We felt a lot more confident and knowledgeable after Sofie's classes, despite having been to other classes and read numerous books.

    Patrick A
  • We first met Sofie when we attended one of her classes, and the knowledge we gained in those 2 hours was greater than anything we got out of the all day course we had attended elsewhere

    Anthea M
  • “Sofie is the non-judgmental living guidebook everyone should have access to!”

    Sirpa S
  • Whilst pregnant  I was so busy at work didn’t have the time to attend a pre-natal course,  after work all I wanted to do was go to sleep. Having access to Sofie’s living hand book was the most valuable investment I made before I had my baby.

    Anna S
  • I was sceptical of doing an online course but having already done a face to face course I couldn’t remember a thing that I was taught. Being able to reference Sofie’s videos any time of day or night immediately put my mind at ease and calmed my nerves.

    Kim L

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Meet Sofie

Sofie Jacobs graduated in Midwifery in Belgium in 1998, before moving to London to gain some tough but well-rounded experience, and in 2012 settling into her current home, Hong Kong. Between working in the NHS and private healthcare, Sofie has nearly 20 years of experience helping parents (new and existing) from all over the world, of varying ages and backgrounds.

How it Works

Urban Hatch is the online destination that nurtures, educates and supports you on your journey to parenthood.


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Learn about what to expect from pregnancy, birth and beyond with our convenient online courses that are taught by experienced head midwife Sofie Jacobs. We pride ourselves on our non-judgmental and inclusive approach to pregnancy support, so you can feel confident and prepared.


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The Urban Hatch Family offers on and offline community events and the chance to make new friends. Friendly and full of useful information and encouragement, our forums and groups are a vital source of pregnancy support.

Live Midwife Support

Becoming part of Urban Hatch gives you access to our regular live Q&A’s where you can have your questions answered by experienced midwife, Sofie Jacobs. You’ll receive her unbiased expert opinion, so you can feel well-informed and reassured.


Give Back To Mothers In Need

By choosing Urban Hatch, you support mothers who do not have access to good quality maternity care. We donate a percentage of the fees from our antenatal course directly to our preferred charity Every Mother Counts to support their mission to make childbirth safer.


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Urban Hatch

Urban Hatch is the online destination for mums-to-be and new mothers to receive support, guidance and care. Our mission is to help you and your partner thrive at parenthood from bump to birth and beyond.