You probably have a thousand
and one questions

(not to mention a few concerns)

Even the most confident and laid-back parents-to-be have moments of anxiety.
And everyone has questions buzzing in their head.

Bump Questions

What should (and shouldn’t) I be eating and drinking? How should I prepare for birth? Will stress harm my baby? How do I help my partner get ready? And how do I lose the baby weight?

Birth Questions

When should I leave for the hospital? What will labour be like? How do I practise breathing? What medical procedures might be given to me? And what pain relief options do I have?

Baby Questions

What if I don’t bond with my baby, or get postnatal depression? How do I breastfeed? Can we opt for formula? How will I get back to work? And will my body ever look the same again?

Urban Hatch is a complete antenatal and postnatal support programme. Instead of one-off, forgettable classes, you get expert guidance and ongoing support through your entire journey to parenthood

Get video lessons, live support sessions and an active community for complete pre- and postnatal care

  • Get AdviceYou’ll get clear, evidence-based information, so you can make informed choices and set realistic expectations.
  • Get SupportYou’re joining a warm and supportive group of like-minded people, so you don’t have to go through this alone.
  • Get ReadyWe help you at every stage on the road to parenthood, so you feel physically, mentally and emotionally prepared.

How Urban Hatch works

In-depth video course

At the heart of the programme is a comprehensive (6 module/33video) course that will coach you through every important moment of preparing for the birth and those early baby days. Sign up, then put your feet up.

Live weekly support sessions

You get ongoing access to weekly live Q&A and relaxation group sessions. These sessions provide you with personalised help, ongoing education, and a way to gain and maintain a calm and positive mindset.

Friendly community

Join the Urban Hatch private Facebook group and say hello. It’s a safe, relaxed and non-judgmental space to get advice and emotional support. And the friendships you make can last a lifetime.

Popular midwife Q&As

Imagine how calming and reassuring it will be to have ongoing private access to internationally experienced midwives. Every question and concern you have will be answered by the professionals.

Parents like you loved
the Hatch Experience

Urban Hatch is a good fit for you if you want....

  • To feel relaxed, included and have fun
  • To learn in the comfort of your own home and when it suits you
  • Trusted information and get really prepared for birth and baby
  • Private access to experienced midwives and wellbeing experts
  • Tools and strategies to help your partner best support you
  • Ongoing support that goes beyond basic antenatal classes

Helping your employer become more parent friendly

As well as support for families, we also help employers better support the parents in their teams. Navigating work during this time can be tricky, and managers are often ill-equipped to handle the process. So we help them better understand your challenges and manage with more skill, empathy and humanity.

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Hello, I’m Sofie, founder of Urban Hatch

I’ve worked as midwife for 20 years. I created Urban Hatch because I saw firsthand how expectant parents were not adequately supported. Antenatal and childbirth classes are fine, but only part of the puzzle. Support was incomplete.

My team and I will take you beyond the clinical to provide you with the emotional support you need, at every moment that matters. We’re here for the entire journey – as much, or as little, as you need.

Upcoming events
Learn. Laugh. Love

Upcoming events
Learn. Laugh. Love

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