Making a new human being
is a big deal

It’s an extraordinary time of your life that deserves an extraordinary level of support. Yet traditional care always felt incomplete to me.

You see, I’ve seen it all. I’ve worked as a midwife for 20 years, in some of the best and busiest hospitals in the world. I’ve delivered hundreds of babies in hospitals, in birth centres, and in homes (and even one in an elevator).

I noticed that while clinical care was often excellent, there was always a lack of ongoing support. The same is true of antenatal classes. They focus on the process of labour (which is, of course, important). But they don’t help you to navigate this physically and emotionally demanding period of your life.

That’s why I created Urban Hatch, to offer you a much more complete and effective support programme.

You’ll get all the important information you need to understand and prepare for labour. But you’ll also get all the stuff that’s usually missing, like…

Ongoing Support

Ongoing emotional support during inevitable highs and lows

Personalised Advice

Advice from experienced midwives when you’re not sure what to do


Reassurance if you’re feeling anxious, scared or overwhelmed

Holistic Advice

Advice on nutrition, movement and mindset so you’re well prepared

Return Back to Work

Help to return to work with more confidence and peace of mind

Partner Support

Dedicated support for your partner so they know how support you, and themselves

It’s a whole journey, a whole-person approach. Our experienced midwives and the
wider Urban Hatch family is here to support you through every moment that matters.
I hope you’ll join us soon!

Hatch in a nutshell

  • What is it?With an online course, live support sessions, a members only community and private access to midwives, Hatch is a complete antenatal and postnatal support programme.
  • How does it help?You’ll be more informed, more prepared and more confident. You’ll be more mentally, physically and emotionally ready for giving birth and looking after your baby.
  • Who’s it for?We’re an inclusive family, so everyone is welcome. Hatch is perfect for busy parents-to-be, who want expert advice, convenient learning and support when it matters.
  • What’s it like?Everything is very relaxed and non-judgemental. We’re here to guide, not chide; to coach and teach, not preach. It’s a truly friendly and welcoming space for you to learn and grow.

Meet our wonderful team!

We think it’s important to only work with professionals that share our values. Our midwives, coaches and well-being experts provide expectant and new parents with the support and guidance they need to thrive at home, at work and in clinical care.

Sofie Jacobs

Founder and Midwife

Mae Macahilo

Admin Assistant

Anoush Davis

Parent Coach

Mac Ling

Transformational Coach

Peca Hui

Digital Marketing Manager

Some simple ideas we live by...


Taking a modern approach to pregnancy and parenting doesn’t mean ignoring the age old traditions. Forgetting the wisdom of the past is not usually a smart move.


Sugar-coating reality is not in your best interests. Instead of pretending everything will be Instagram perfect, we help you set realistic expectations of labour and parenting.


Modern medicine does not yet have all the answers. But we will not promote or endorse any kind of treatment that is not evidence based with proven efficacy.


Your life is your life. As long as it’s legal, you’re free to choose your own path. So you will never be judged about the birthing and parenting choices you make.

Parents like you loved the Hatch Experience

You’re also supporting less fortunate mothers

Whether you choose Hatch or not, you’re likely one of the lucky ones. Many mothers don’t have access to good quality maternity care, which causes great su ering. So we donate some of your membership fee to Every Mother Counts, which works around the world to make childbirth safer.

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