What we do

Moments that Matter by Urban Hatch is our sub-brand dedicated to helping workplaces support their people in life's big moments - from expectancy and parenthood to midlife shifts and crisis.

Why it matters

Every organisation wants the best for their staff, and yet most people don’t feel cared for in life’s crucial moments. Bridging this gap through ongoing, expert-led support helps to boost employees’ wellbeing and performance, while making your company more profitable, reputable and human.


of working fathers feel that there’s not enough workplace support for new dads


of women who take time off work due to menopause don’t tell their employer why


of people looking to move jobs are doing so to protect their mental and physical health

Why us?

Wellbeing at work is more than just a box to be ticked. We put heart and innovation into every programme we design to make sure it makes a lasting difference to individuals, their managers, and the business as a whole. Find out more about why Fortune 500 companies choose to work with Moments that Matter.

What sets us apart

  • Fresh formats: from digital tools to small-group coaching, we keep innovating to drive greater impact
  • All-round support: we coach individuals and their managers to fuel change on all fronts
  • Finger on the pulse: we shine light on the issues and people that are often forgotten

What we don’t believe in

  • Monologues: our coaches get people to engage and participate
  • One-size fits all: we design bespoke programmes to fit your organisation's culture and priorities
  • Box-ticking: addressing the same old issues in the same old way doesn’t drive transformation (nor participation rates)

"Companies should have good policies to encourage hiring females, because women make up more than 50% of the population. Women look at things completely differently to men, and it’s a waste that we don’t utilize this capability."

Cher Wang CEO of HTC

Our areas of support

Increasingly, people want to belong to organisations that have their back - especially in life’s most challenging moments. Explore our areas of support


Parental transitions

Our signature parental support programme gives (expecting) parents all the coaching and midwife guidance they need to thrive at home and at work. It also teaches managers how and when to support them.

Midlife shifts

Our Warrior Woman™ programme empowers those going through (peri)menopause while equipping managers with the know-how needed to have their back through this transition.


Our proactive wellbeing programmes focus on microstrategies that help people manage common physical and emotional challenges during crises and in everyday life.

Join our mission

Are you ready for employee wellbeing programmes that move the needle? Let's start the conversation.

Our toolkit

Lunch and learn seminars To create awareness and understanding
Small-group coachingTo drive active engagement
1:1 coaching / consultationsFor personalised support
Leadership coaching sessionsTo drive compassionate leadership

Bringing human support

Wellbeing prompts in your inbox

All our corporate sessions are followed up by an automated email series. Timely prompts, session learnings and additional tools for all participants who choose to sign up.

Hatch at Work™ digital training

An expert-led, on-demand course that prepares expectant and new parents for birth, baby and their return to work. In-depth video lessons, printable resources and key calls to action.

Who we are

Urban Hatch is a team of health, wellbeing and coaching specialists.

We bring together the warmth and know-how of professional caregivers, with the business-savvy expertise of corporate coaches.

Sofie, our founder, started Urban Hatch in 2016 after 20+ years working as a midwife in Europe and Asia. Seeing clients struggle as they transitioned back to work after parental leave is what made her realise the need for compassionate, expert support at home and at work. 

Proud to work with

Support your talent and create
an enviable workplace culture.

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