Better support for the parents in
your teams, so they’re happier
and more productive

Support your employees during every moment that matters on their road to parenthood and return to work. Enable your managers to lead with greater empathy and compassion. And create a work culture that boosts your bottom line.

Burnt-out parents
are bad for business

Failure to properly look after your new and expectant parents can be hugely costly to your company. Your talented people may not return to work after parental leave. Managers with good intentions can make avoidable mistakes. And life can be stressful for the people in your teams, which damages morale and productivity.


Not being supported

Percentage of working mums that link depression to not being supported at work. (source “PTS and Gorvins”)


No idea how to support

Percentage of managers that have no idea how to support new and expectant parents.
(source “HR magazine”)


Suffer from anxiety

Percentage of pregnant women that suffer from anxiety (often linked to work stress).
(source “Parenting Research Centre”)

What’s good for parents is
good for business

A parental support programme should not be a “nice-to-have”. And it’s not about ticking boxes. Do it right and you can rapidly improve your workplace culture and make your business more profitable.

What Improves

  • Employee engagement
  • Talent retention
  • Staff productivity
  • Your business reputation
  • Attracting the best people

What Declines

  • Recruitment costs
  • Losing talent to competitors
  • Training costs
  • Employee lost time
  • Employee grievances

"Companies should have good policies to encourage hiring females, because women make up more than 50% of the population. Women look at things completely differently to men, and it’s a waste that we don’t utilize this capability."

Cher Wang CEO of HTC

Urban Hatch provides bespoke
and integrated parental support
programmes for businesses

You get the tools and training you need to support parents at every stage of their transition to parenthood. Parents are less stressed and better supported. And managers are better equipped to support and lead the parents in their teams.

So how does it work?

Step 1: Listen

There is never a one-size-fits-all approach. Your business, your people, and the challenges you face are all unique. So we first seek to understand your current situation and what needs to be improved.

Step 2: Create

We then create a custom programme for your business (using some of the elements described below), to help you build the awareness, processes and behaviours that lead to positive change.

Step 3: Measure

Then, we help you measure success. This includes the immediate measurement of employee engagement and sentiment improvement but also longer-term metrics like retention rates and ongoing refinement practices.

And there are no
steep learning curves

And before you imagine a painful organisational change project, it’s not like that. There are no steep learning curves, or disruptions to business. Everything is designed to be easy to implement, yet highly effective.

Face-to-face sessions delivered digitally or in person

Lunch and learn seminars Improve awareness and understanding of the issues.
1:1 coaching/ consultationTargeted support for parental leavers, returners, parents and their managers
CollActive™ sharing sessionsSmall group sessions to encourage collaboration and active engagement
Leadership coaching sessionsCollaborative sessions designed to drive empathetic leadership

Plus, you get access to
our digital support tools

Hatch digital support programme

This is a complete digital resources and support programme for expectant and new parents. 33 in-depth video lessons and ongoing support help your expectant and new parents be more mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for giving birth and their return back to work after parental leave.

Moments That Matter™

This tool helps busy managers better support the parents in their team. They simply enter the due date and will then get timely prompts (and targeted education) at every key moment of that person’s journey to parenthood.

To do it right, you need expert guidance

Urban Hatch is a team of maternity, coaches and working parent specialists. Sofie, our founder, has 23 years of experience as a public and private midwife, supporting working expectant and new parents. She knows intimately the anxieties and frustrations of parents, the reality of post- birth return to work, and the better life working parents desire.

And our coaches are experienced working with business leaders and teams within firms, so we fully understand the commercial and operational challenges you face. Put simply, we know how to help you build a truly supportive and compassionate work culture. So your people and your business thrive.

Proud to work with

Support your working parents. Boost
employee engagement. And create
an enviable workplace culture.

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