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Your membership lasts for a whole year, so it’s up to you. Many join around the start of their second trimester. This is when everything starts to feel a bit more real, a bit more, “This is happening!”. We recommend you start the online learning classes by around 28 weeks, but you can dive in whenever you want.

It depends on what’s happening that month, but roughly, you can expect around 8-10 live sessions per month. These will be a mixture of live Q&As, relaxation sessions, and check-ins.Hatch Plus and Hatch Personal members can attend as many sessions as you like.

Not if you don’t want to. We recommend that you do, as there is so much help and support in these sessions. People have learned a lot, made friends and found comfort on the tough days. But if you’d rather just work through the online course, then Hatch Essential is best for you.

We know it’s important you get to know and trust your midwives, so we make sure you have excellent continuity of care. That means the same 1 or 2 midwives will get to know you and your personal journey. Please note: our midwives are here to supplement your normal medical care, not to fully replace it.

The video course is made up of 33 videos delivered across 6 modules, with 3.5 hours of total viewing time. But there is, of course, no rush to watch it all. You have 12 months access.

We recommend watching through all the videos earlier in your pregnancy, say, the second trimester. And then revisit the relevant videos at least once more, when you need a reminder – that will really help you take the information in.

No problem. We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you work through the videos and don’t think they’re valuable, or you just don’t like the Hatch experience, we’ll be happy to refund your membership fee in full. If we’re not helping you thrive on the road to parenthood, we really do not want to take your money.

No, there are no ongoing charges. If you choose to upgrade your plan, you’ll only be charged the difference between the plans. Some in-person events do incur additional fees, but these are completely optional (and great value for money, too).

The health and safety of you and our team is our most important concern. Depending on the extent of any COVID restrictions in place, consultations might have to be limited to online only.

Where in-person consultations are allowed and it’s safe to do so, we will, of course, follow rigorous precautions (including venue cleaning, social distancing, mask wearing and hand sanitising).

If this happens, and an in-person meetup is no longer possible, then we will switch your booking to an online consultation. We will also refund the difference in price, so you’re never out of pocket.

The sessions you’re booking on this page are strictly one-to-one. So it’s just you (and your partner) and one of our experienced midwives. In the live sessions that are a part of the Hatch programme you will get personalised support, but this is a group session, so other people will have time to ask their questions of Sofie and the other midwives. Put simply, this is a more exclusive session that’s all about you.

Primarily, these sessions are verbal consultations, but we also follow up with a record of what was discussed. These notes will help to remind you and guide you, and will be accompanied by other recommended resources.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. The midwife that attends your session will share an email address with you, which you can use to ask any follow up questions. This is a perk of booking a private consultation and is subject to reasonable use. Plus, if you’re a Hatch member (check out the programme here), you’ll have contact with our team of midwives for a whole year – perfect for ongoing support.

Sessions held in clinics will be at various centers around Hong Kong. We’ll always choose the closest venue to your home, so you have the least amount of travel time. And we can come to your home if that suits you better.

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