Prepare Your Perineum For Birth

By Sofie Jacobs

Natural ways to bring on a birth. So how do we separate fact from fiction? Here are a few facts and not-so-factual pointers on natural induction.

The Three H’s Induce Labour

Hot/Spicy Food

This myth has been studied and studied again and shown no proof that it actively induces a birth. However, that being said there is some logic in it. Hot food can stimulate our gastric gases and cause diarrhoea. This, in turn, can cause intestinal cramping which some grasfgdsgdwith labour. Castor oil, which is still recommended by some to induce labour, works on the same principal. I, however, never ever recommend it as there is nothing worse than having nasty diarrhoea and becoming dehydrated at the start of your labour.

“Sex and acupuncture is what got my labour started with both of my pregnancies” L Muma to Max and Julie

If you’ve read this blog to the end, you may also be interested in reading about medically induced labour.

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