Coming home with (a) new baby(ies) can be scary and challenging!

It involves getting thrown into a 24 hour job for which you didn’t study, whilst sleep deprived. Not a mean feat but don’t worry, WE’VE GOT YOU!

Come and join maternity specialist and midwife Sofie Jacobs and like minded expecting parents for a fun and informative evening where we discuss:

  • practical tips on baby care including bathing, swaddling and nappy changing
  • best practises re baby’s sleep and feeding routine
  • strategies for optimising parents’ wellbeing

Come and join us and approach early days with baby with more confidence and ease!


Tickets cost 320 HKD per couple



||HATCH members can attend this session FREE of charge. To enquire about HATCH membership, please email||

Urban Hatch

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MNM Mar 10 2020