Unhappy parents are bad for business

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When we think about supporting parents at work, better parental leave policies should be just the beginning. We spoke to HR recruitment firm Elliott Scott about how we help organisations re-think their programmes, policies and practices so they can support parents in their teams in the moments that matter the most.

Urban Hatch founder, clinical midwife and coach Sofie Jacobs explains the importance of addressing not just parents (to be) themselves, but also their line managers, and doing so with a combination of tools that drive impact: digital programmes, educational sessions, and personal coaching.

Key timestamps

0.31: Introduction to Sofie

3.59: What is lacking in parental support for expectant and new parents?

6.20: Parental support should be available for everyone

7.04: Focusing on support for line managers

12.58: Supporting the whole family

14.25: Advice for best practice in parental support

15.51: Benefits of getting parental support right

18.09: Silver-lining coming out of COVID-19

20.01: Lasting advice for our listeners

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