Introducing Hatch

your support for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

At Urban Hatch we don’t judge. Instead, we are all about what’s best for you, your family and of course baby! Our online course gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace, with your partner and best of all have access to all the information going forward. Think of us as your go to reference library for your pregnancy and new baby concerns, worries and joys.

As part of the HATCH online antenatal course you also become part of the Urban Hatch family – a network of like-minded mamas and dads that often meet so you can all share experiences on the highs and lows of pregnancy and parenthood.
If you feel you need some face to face guidance you can also meet with Sofie in person, have a call or even join one of our q and a sessions. We have various levels of commitment so you get whatever level of support you feel you need.

Choose from our 3 different packages and prepare for birth and baby with ease.

Hatch Essential Hatch Plus Hatch Personal
Online childbirth education course 33 bite size easy to reference videos covering everything from birth to breastfeeding.
Facebook Live Events that tackle some of the harder things to discuss pre and post baby. All the things you wanted to know but have been afraid to ask.
Access to printable checklists and cheat sheets. Have you got the right things in the hospital bag to checking a correct breastfeeding latch.
Weekly newsletter complete with recipes, exercise and a weekly blog.
Access to the Urban Hatch online family, a team of like – minded mamas and dads that share all the ups and downs of babies.
Online Q and A
4 x 30 minute one on one consultations

What’s Included?

Flexible and convenient

Our course offers a flexible and convenient approach to learning, so there’s no need to be somewhere specific each week. With HATCH you can learn anywhere and anytime at your own pace without being tied to a timetable or having to take time out from your weekends or evenings.

Support and guidance, for everyone

Every pregnancy is special. Every family is unique. Every birth is different. The HATCH course is inclusive of every mother and their partner, understanding of their individual hopes and concerns, by offering essential antenatal guidance in a way that’s respectful and unbiased.

Give back to other expectant mothers

A percentage of every HATCH course fee goes directly to Every Mother Counts, a maternity charity we have chosen to support for their dedication to making childbirth safe for every woman.

Each video includes helpful testimonials from real people sharing their own experiences.

Unbiased, midwife led learning

HATCH is taught by an experienced midwife. Sofie Jacobs has over 20 years experience delivering babies and preparing couples for birth and beyond and teaches with her signature inclusive and non-judgmental approach.

Make friends with other parents to be

By following the HATCH antenatal course, you’ll instantly become part of the online Urban Hatch Family; a community of other parents and parents-to-be who are all going on the same journey at the same time. With offline meet-ups in an informal environment, you can start to build your urban family as you approach your due date.

On-going support

With regular live Q&A sessions with founder Midwife Sofie Jacobs, HATCH offers plenty of opportunities to ask any questions that you may have so you can feel fully supported and prepared.

Beyond the essentials

Each video contains must-know information, presented in a format that’s easy to absorb. What’s more each 5-15 minute video can be watched as many times as you need, and there are even partner specific videos for each module. HATCH goes beyond delivering the basics, each segment is complemented with Sofie’s Secrets for midwife tips and advice on how best to prepare, as well as a downloadable checklist and a useful cheat sheet so you can feel fully informed.

Each video includes helpful testimonials from real people sharing their own experiences.

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Urban Hatch

Urban Hatch is the online destination for mums-to-be and new mothers to receive support, guidance and care. Our mission is to help you and your partner thrive at parenthood from bump to birth and beyond.