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Online antenatal course to help you prepare for labour, birth and beyond.

Our courses provide information, support and assistance to help you feel ready. Delivered with resources, live Q&As and an open-mindedness that’s hard to find in other antenatal preparation classes, our courses fit in around you and your baby.

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Module 1

Module 1: Process Of Labour

Discover everything you need to know about the process of labour from those first early signs, through to when to go to hospital and how early and active labour differ.

Module 2

Module 2: Coping Strategies and Pain Relief

Sofie guides you through effective coping strategies for labour pain and the different forms of natural and medical pain relief that are available.

Module 3

Module 3: Medical Interventions

Every mother to be needs to fully understand the various scenarios where medical intervention may be needed. In this module Sofie carefully explains what to expect.

Module 4

Module 4: Immediate and Early Postpartum

In this five-part module Sofie explains the physical and emotional changes that happen to you and your baby’s bodies immediately after birth, as well as in the early days that follow.

Module 5

Module 5: Early days with Baby

Those early first days with your baby are precious but they can also be overwhelming. Sofie covers how to understand your new baby and offers practical advice on baby care and more.

Module 6

Module 6: Feeding

Feeding your baby is going to be your single most important concern once they are out of the womb. There are lots of different options that you will need to know about. Sofie delivers vital information on everything you need to know.

What’s Included?

The HATCH course prepares you and your partner for birth and beyond with confidence.


Comprehensive Antenatal Course

The course is split into six essential modules and is taught by experienced head midwife Sofie Jacobs via a series of exclusive video content. Hatch covers:

  • The Process of Labour
  • Coping Strategies and Pain Relief
  • Medical Interventions
  • Immediate & Early Postpartum
  • Early Days With Baby
  • Feeding

Convenient  Learning

Study at your own pace and learn on the go, wherever you are. As a Hatch subscriber you’ll have exclusive access to:

  • 20 topic videos to give you must know information
  • Video bytes sharing real life real people’s experiences
  • 6 dedicated videos to help prepare partners
  • 6 videos sharing Sofie’s secrets
  • 6 downloadable cheat sheets
  • 6 practical checklists

Become part of the family

You’ll make new friends with like minded others as you become a part of the Urban Hatch Family via:

  • Online events
  • Offline meet-ups
  • Our closed Facebook Group & Forums
  • Regular Live Q & A’s with Sofie

Midwife support

You’ll feel supported and well-informed about your individual pregnancy journey with on-going midwife support. Expect:

  • Invites to midwife led Facebook Events
  • Regular online Q&As with Sofie

Support mothers in need

While you learn with HATCH you’ll be helping to support mothers who don’t have access to quality maternity care.

  • We work with maternal charity Every Mother Counts
  • 5% donation from each subscription goes directly to Every Mother Counts

exclusive access to 33 course videos

You get exclusive access to 33 course videos covering topics such as signs of labour, everything you need to know while at hospital, newborns and breastfeeding and more including:

  • Process of Labour

  • Coping Strategies & Pain Relief

  • Medical Interventions

  • Immediate & Early Postpartum

  • Early days with Baby

  • Access to download cheatsheets and checklist that you can print out

  • Exclusive access to our closed Facebook group and Forums with regular live Q&A sessions


One off payment of the price above ($USD). Your course subscription is valid until 4 months after your due date.

Why choose HATCH for your antenatal preparation?

Flexible and convenient

Our course offers a flexible and convenient approach to learning, so there’s no need to be somewhere specific each week. With HATCH you can learn anywhere and anytime at your own pace without being tied to a timetable or having to take time out from your weekends or evenings.

Support and guidance, for everyone

Every pregnancy is special. Every family is unique. Every birth is different. The HATCH course is inclusive of every mother and their partner, understanding of their individual hopes and concerns, by offering essential antenatal guidance in a way that’s respectful and unbiased.

Give back to other expectant mothers

A percentage of every HATCH course fee goes directly to Every Mother Counts, a maternity charity we have chosen to support for their dedication to making childbirth safe for every woman.

Each video includes helpful testimonials from real people sharing their own experiences.

Unbiased, midwife led learning

HATCH is taught by an experienced midwife. Sofie Jacobs has over 20 years experience delivering babies and preparing couples for birth and beyond and teaches with her signature inclusive and non-judgmental approach.

Make friends with other parents to be

By following the HATCH antenatal course, you’ll instantly become part of the online Urban Hatch Family; a community of other parents and parents-to-be who are all going on the same journey at the same time. With offline meet-ups in an informal environment, you can start to build your urban family as you approach your due date.

On-going support

With regular live Q&A sessions with founder Midwife Sofie Jacobs, HATCH offers plenty of opportunities to ask any questions that you may have so you can feel fully supported and prepared.

Beyond the essentials

Each video contains must-know information, presented in a format that’s easy to absorb. What’s more each 5-15 minute video can be watched as many times as you need, and there are even partner specific videos for each module. HATCH goes beyond delivering the basics, each segment is complemented with Sofie’s Secrets for midwife tips and advice on how best to prepare, as well as a downloadable checklist and a useful cheat sheet so you can feel fully informed.

Each video includes helpful testimonials from real people sharing their own experiences.

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