What Being A Midwife Means To Me

By Sofie Jacobs
Posted 3 Aug, 2020

As a career option, midwifery wasn’t necessarily my first choice. In fact, I thought I was going to be a physiotherapist or psychologist at one point, but the fact that midwifery is one of the oldest professions (and at the same time one that will never go out of fashion) as well as the attraction of the physical and emotional, straight forward and complicated, calm and adrenaline fuelled scope, made me want to become one!

A huge part of midwifery is about working with and responding to the dynamics between people in stressful situations and during moments of high adrenaline. Negotiating people and situations has always been an area of interest to me – including how certain situations and events impact us afterwards. I truly believe that pregnancy and birth impact women and men for the rest of their lives. They are such transformative moments – physically, emotionally, mentally – even anthropologically-speaking, I never cease to find it fascinating.

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