What to say (and not to say) to expectant parents in your team

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For people on the (often rocky) road to parenthood, feeling that their manager and colleagues have got their back can make the world of a difference – both to their mental health and their performance at work.

But saying the right thing isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Though expectancy is a nearly universal experience, it’s also intimate, culturally diverse, and surrounded by terms and assumptions that are not as harmless as they sound (ever heard of “baby brain”?).

We’ve been coaching managers of expectant (and new) parents for years, and something we’ve learned is that empathetic language is a low-hanging fruit for those trying to build a genuinely positive and supportive culture at work.

Download our guide to see a few examples of what to say and not to say to expectant parents. It will help you communicate more mindfully to avoid having a well-intentioned comment hit the wrong note.


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